WinAGI Game Development System

2005 - 2007 by Andrew Korson

WinAGI is a full featured game development system, that includes editors that provide full control over all resources in an AGI game. It includes many new integrated tools to assist in game design and development, allowing you to create new AGI games more efficiently and with less effort.

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NEW!!! Version 1.1.22 is available for download

Click here to download the latest version (1.1.22)


View the readme.txt for version 1.1.22

Download the source code for the latest version


Favorite Links

*   AGI Dev Homepage

*   AGIGames

*   AGI Wiki

*   Lance Ewing's New AGIFans Site

NEW!!!!  NAGI Font Editor

I wrote a simple tool to allow you to edit the fonts that come with NAGI.

     Click here to download the NAGI Font Editor (version 1.0.1)

     Click here to download the source code


NEW!!!!  NAGI v2.09

Here is an updated version of NAGI that provides support for extended ASCII characters and custom colour palettes.

     Click here to download the Windows executable

     Click here to download the source code


Contact Information

Questions? Comments? Compliments? Send them in! I can't guarantee I'll respond to them all, but I'll try.

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The WinAGI Game Development System was created by Andrew Korson.



Last revised: 7 June 2007


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